ALI BABA, Satu Mare - Towing and Roadside Assistance Services Non Stop

Ali Baba srl was founded in 1993, since then we are continuously developing our transport capacity following the market needs in order to be able to offer high quality services oriented to our costumer needs in the most effective and rapid possible way. The experience and professionalism acquired during the last 21 years allows us to consistently provide high quality service, promptness and reliability 24/24.

Short history:

In 1993 we started with offering shuttles at request for people working in the area of Budapest

In the early years we operated private shuttles for individuals and small groups on request. After the first two years we launched the first daily shuttle for Satu Mare - Budapest, the second one, and we reached 3 shuttles on a daily basis in 2005.

We constantly being developed and improved in the foreground always needs of our travelers, getting that at the moment to offer convenient and affordable transfer solutions for all flights carrying landing in or taking off from the two international airports in Debrecen and Budapest:

Since 2012 we operate 4 daily shuttles from Satu Mare to Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport, covering more then 90% of departures and arrivals

2012 eas also the year when we started providing our costumers a regular daily shuttle to and from the airport Debrecen (flights to Eindhoven and London)

Additional to regular shuttles we offer private transportation services at demand for individual delegates, groups, and VIP's, all those who wish for the dedicated services of a professional driver with experience.

2008 reprezented the year of break through in the field of Roadside Assistence and Towing Professional Services

We started to build up the required infrastructure, and support the local drivers when they needed the most. We have been investing and depeloping our capacities from the beginning and the result is that we can say now with full confidence that we are able to offer full professional roadside assistance services 24/7.

  • Recovery Truck and authorized staff for service on site
  • Loading capacity up to 20 tons with crane
  • 6-20 place Buses, different capacities with ability to transport platforms and passenger if applicable
  • Guarded, supervised parking lot
  • Accommodation services on favorable terms
  • Rent-a-car services
  • Off Road Recovery
  • Return vehicle - transport damaged vehicle at residence
  • Spare parts delivery
  • Repair service monitoring
  • Technical support by phone

A serious team, fast and rapid professional support available NON STOP throughout the European Union.

ALI BABA guarantees prompt services, mobility and safety in all conditions 24/24.